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About Lee

I am a multidisciplinary theatre artist who has been acting and designing for live performance in the Greater Washington region for the past decade. Upon graduating from The University of Maryland at College Park with a BA in Theatre, a collective of UMD colleagues and I founded Pointless Theatre Co, an ensemble based theatre company focused on blending theatre, dance, puppetry, and the visual arts. Growing Pointless as a collaborative company for the past 10 years has enabled me to bring affordable spectacle all over the city and honed my specialty skills as a puppeteer.  As a company member, I have developed a strong familiarity with the full production process which has made me a more aware and versatile performer. I also use the term multidisciplinary artist, because in addition to acting, dancing, and puppeteering, I also have a focus in costume design and construction. Acting with a movement background allows me to utilize the power of verbal storytelling and enhance it with heightened visual pageantry. Live performance in a screen based world creates an entirely new tactile and visceral experience for the voyeur and I strongly believe in reminding people of the power of wonderment within the human condition.

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